Photo of Lauren Schmidt with a large smile, margarita, and a messy bun.

Hi! I am Lauren and welcome to my blog, Messy Buns & Margaritas.

I am a 30-something mom with two amazing kids. I have a love for snacking & sipping.

On this blog you will find snarky comments, cocktails, mocktails, appetizers, snacks, & the occasional dessert to get help get every mom & dad through parenthood.

Favorite drink: MARGARITA


It is all in the name….

It was a late summer Friday, just before the chill of fall was about to hit. I was sitting on our back deck. Jean shorts, a huge messy bun, and a margarita in my hand when I mentioned to my husband Matt, that this is all I ever really need.

He chuckled saying, “Messy Buns & Margaritas”

Thus the birth of Messy Buns and Margaritas! So welcome to this Drinks & Finger Foods blog! I hope you find fun recipes that you enjoy!